WATCH – Dem Senator DEFENDS Trump, Says THIS to Anti-Trump Reporter On Live TV

With five days before Trump takes office, sadly, there are still those who are questioning the legitimacy of the election.

In a new interview, Democratic Representative John Lewis said that he does not believe that Trump is a “legitimate president,” due to alleged hacking by the Russians. Then, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia responded responded with, “But there is no credible evidence showing that they intervened and had one iota to do with the outcome of the election.”

Sen. Manchin made these comments while criticizing Lewis for questioning Trump’s legitimacy at a time when we should be uniting as one country under President Trump.

Manchin stipulated that Russians were involved in some hacking surrounding the election by saying, “There is no doubt the Russians were involved in hacking, they were responsible for the hacking. But he finished by saying there is no evidence whatsoever that anything they did had any effect on the election.”

Democrats are trying to confuse Americans by conflating the hacking of the election itself with the hacking of one political party. It was the DNC that was hacked, which resulted in emails from the Clinton campaign being released.

Therefore, the election itself was not hacked. There was no evidence of Russians changing votes in a swing state like Virginia or Florida. There is no evidence of disruption of voting machines in any states. The election went forward without any issues whatsoever.

Remember that the Russians attempted to hack the RNC as well, but that the Republicans had better cyber-security that the Democrats did. It isn’t surprising that the party which takes national defense more seriously had better defenses for their computer systems.