MSNBC Attacks Ivanka Trump For Being ‘Cruel’ And Evil For Making One Simple Hand Gesture

he mainstream media is so furious over President Trump’s healthcare win that they are even willing to attack his family. They’ve labeled his administration as a bunch of ‘white supremacists’ and they are even going after Ivanka and calling her ‘cruel’. And what did Ivanka do that made her so cruel? She clapped her hands.

“[Ivanka Trump] did stand and clap when her father was having a little party to celebrate taking health care away from women. And she has not pushed for parental leave, even in her capacity as a top White House adviser with security clearance,” said MSNBC’s Joan Walsh.

“She really wants to have this appearance of being a force for good, and, yet, she’s accomplished nothing, and she applauds cruelty,” he added.

That wasn’t MSNBC’s only vicious attack. Fordham Professor Christina Greer claimed that the administration is a bunch of sexist white supremacists with evil motives. “I think the visual of the all older, white — predominantly white men is deliberate. I mean, he’s done this with his executive orders,” said Greer.

“He wants his base supporters to see — this is a white supremacist administration, and he wants them to see this leadership. Women are not involved. People of color are not involved. And I think that this is a very clear — I mean, it’s a branding thing, and it’s him and sort of his ilk,” said Greer. Check out the videos below.