Melania Trump files restraining order against husband, reveals “Donald locked me in a box almost every night”

NEW YORK – In her first public appearance since the election, Melania Trump sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, revealing intimate details about her relationship with failed presidential candidate Donald Trump, who lost the election to President Hillary Rodham Clinton by 3 million votes.

The most shocking revelation came when Melania admitted that, during the campaign, candidate Trump would lock her in a 6×6 foot wooden crate whenever his polling numbers went down.

“These moments, these nights, they were difficult, but they were in many ways my favorite nights from the campaign, because I could be alone, and they also meant my husband had a poor chance of winning the election,” divulged Melania.

When asked if she still loves the man she married, Melania said, “I will always love, honor and obey his money, until death do us part.”