HE’S UNSTOPPABLE! Mike Pence Just Did Something UNBELIEVABLE In South Korea This Easter Morning

While all y’all were busy sleeping in and getting ready for a beautiful Easter Sunday, Mike Pence was hard at work trying to save this country.

Today marked day 1 of his 10-day tour of Asia. His first stop is South Korea to show our support despite North Korea’s threats.

However, even with so much work ahead of him, Vice President Pence still found time to do something unbelievable…


See what I mean? This is just more proof that VP Pence is a devout Christian and Patriot no matter what. He is even sacrificing this highest of Holidays to keep our country safe!

Oh, and did I even mention the OTHER thing he did this morning? Well, hold onto your seats because…

Mike Pence went and laid a wreath for the Fallen South Korean soldiers who fought with US Soldiers as well!

And like a true gentlemen, Pence brings his beloved wife Karen along with him the whole way. This is true love, folks.

So let’s use today to PRAISE God for the amazing men and women he has given us to lead our country. A short prayer:

Thank you, God, for giving us great leaders like Mike Pence and Donald Trump who genuinely care about this country and its people. And thank you for allowing us such an amazing Easter Sunday. AMEN!

Help spread the faith with Prayers and Shares everywhere. Also remember to leave an AMEN for the Mike and Karen Pence!

Source: http://www.abcnews.go.com