CNN Reporter Forgot She Was Still On Air , Reveals Obama Paid Them to LIE ?!

Have you watched CNN reports lately? If yes, you are probably aware of the fact that liberals have taken over the network, and its reporters are only work on behalf of Obama and his friends. Is this thing even possible? CNN has been supporting the Clinton Campaign in the last few years, and now it may be destroyed but its own employees.

The latest report by CNN journalists confirmed that the network took bribes from foreign countries.

The CNN reporter who uncovered the scandal was pretty close to the network. Do you know Amber Lyon? She was employed by CNN, and she is also an “award winning reporter.” But, Lyon revealed one of the darkest secrets of the network, and it confirmed something President Donald Trump has always warned of.

According to Lyon, the US government paid CNN to report on some events and ignore others. Well, President Trump was talking about this during his presidential campaign. Lyon also revealed that the Obama administration used CNN as a tool to twist stories, and lie to Americans. In other words, Obama was actually controlling the information that came to us in the past eight years.

Joe Rogan interviewed Lyon, and they talked about the testimony over her report of the 2011 Arab Spring Protests in Bahrain. CNN sent her and three other employees to Bahrain in 2011, and that’s when Lyon noticed something strange. She witnessed that the US government gave $1 billion in weapons to the oppressive Bahraini regime in order to shut down the protests.

The US government told her to say nothing about the incident. Instead of telling the truth, Lyon gave us lies. Even the Guardian confirmed that the CNN crew was detained by regime agents.

What do you think about this revelation? Do you think Obama hides something else?