Chinese Government Makes MASSIVE Statement About Ivanka – She Needs Your Support!

It has been learned recently that Ivanka Trump was with her father, President Donald Trump, at the meeting with Chinese officials that went so well. Not long after that meeting it was reported that Ivanka had received some trademarks for her company that would work to her advantage. Many liberals and mainstream media flooded to this story as proof that she is only attending these meetings for her benefit, but China has come to her defense.

According to the Chinese government, it was nothing more than a coincidence. She received these 3 trademarks on the same day that she ate dinner with the President of China, Xi Jinping.

Ivanka Trump is a very busy woman. She not only runs her own line of clothing, jewelry and accessories but also has an office in the White House. This fact has brought up many arguments that Ivanka has been given too much power in the Trump administration and some people have even brought up nepotism. This has not bothered her too much however as she has not stopped killing it so far.

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were both present at the dinner. Kushner is also a very important adviser to President Donald Trump.

There was a statement released the next day by Chinese foreign affairs ministry spokesman Lu Kang that got rid of the notion that there was anything but professionalism at the meeting.

“There are perhaps media engaging in hyping certain gossip to hint at something undisclosed. I can tell you that they will never succeed.” He went on to say that China does not give out trademarks just like that and “the principle of giving equal protection to foreign trademark holders.”

Hopefully this is true and we have nothing to worry about. Ivanka is a very professional woman and would never use her power for something like this.

Do you support Ivanka?