Chelsea Handler Slams Trump For Ignoring North Korea. She Makes One Big Mistake.

As has often been noted, in comedy, timing is everything.

Tell that to comedienne Chelsea Handler, who apparently forgot that adage as she forgot who our current president is while tweeting an attack on president-elect Donald Trump:

Handler was referring to Trump’s defense of L.L. Bean, which is the target of a boycott because one member of its board of directors donated to a group that back Trump. On Thursday, Trump had tweeted:

On Wednesday, Agence France-Presse reported that South Korea stated North Korea now has 110 pounds of weapons-grade plutonium, enough to make 10 nuclear bombs. Only a week before that, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un had said his nation was close to test-launching an intercontinental ballistic missile. Agence France-Presse added that North Korea desires a weapons system capable of hitting the US mainland.

In June, the Institute for Science and International Security estimated that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal was over 21 bombs, having risen swiftly from 2014, when it had between 10-16 bombs.

And just who was president when all this was happening, Ms. Handler?

As even the leftist Daily Beast acknowledged in January 2016:

Nuclear nonproliferation experts agree: Obama, they claim, is responsible for the failure of America to prevent North Korea from expanding its nuclear program . . . The Obama administration concept of ‘strategic patience’ emerged early on in the administration after the scathing experience of North Korea’s 2009 nuclear test. The strategy essentially demanded that North Koreans recommit to concrete steps towards denuclearization—such as allowing inspectors and freezing fissile material production—as a precondition of any future talks . . .

By demanding that North Koreans take denuclearization steps before talks that would focus on denuclearization, it put the onus for talks on the authoritarian state, thereby buying them time to creep towards strengthening its nuclear arsenal.