BREAKING: Sean Hannity’s Fate At Fox News Has Just Been Decided

Sean Hannity has been under attack recently over comments he made on the Seth Rich murder case. Liberals have been attacking him ever since saying that he needs to apologize for his comments. Considering the things that come out of the liberals mouths its a wonder they could get away with this. With the help of Media Matters the liberals were able take away some of the ads that appeared on Hannity’s show.

There were many that stopped running ads. But maybe the most notable was USAA. The company received severe backlash over their decision and has been hurting ever since.

They released a statement:

“We heard concerns from many members who watch and listen to these programs,” USAA said on Tuesday. “Our goal in advertising has always been to reach members of the military community who would benefit from USAA’s well-known commitment to service. Today, the lines between news and editorial are increasingly blurred.”

They made a lot of people mad with this decision and it might be hard for them to come back from. Conservatives around the country exploded on the company for doing something as dumb as this. Sean Hannity will say what he believes on his show and that is all. He did not do anything wrong.

Brent Bozell, President of conservative Media Research Center said, “They did the right think in going back on that show,” he explained. “And so long as the other side isn’t participating in personal smears, they should participate on those shows, too.”

Conservative can make a big difference in this country if we try. We are capable of doing the same things that liberals do everyday. We need to call out this kind of mistake when we see it.

Sean Hannity is not going anywhere, he will be a Fox News for years to come.