Bill Clinton Screws Up Royally With Response To Hillary Coming Out As A Lesbian

After word got out that Hillary Clinton was coming out as a lesbian in next week’s new issue of Vanity Fair, her husband of 43 years, former President Bill Clinton, sat down and had a talk with Ellen Degeneres about it. In an interview that will premier just before the new Vanity Fair comes out, Bill Clinton, obviously without thinking, was quoted as saying:

“Well heck, I’m just ashamed that I’m the last one to find out. I really don’t have an issue with it. Our sex life has been over since Ms. Lewinsky served her country if you know what I mean.”
The notorious cheater gave a hearty laugh when he said it, not knowing he was being recorded. Producers of the show deny that the clip exists, but Crossroads correspondent Louis Leweigh says it happened and it was hysterical:

“The crowd laughed out loud. Some gave the ‘oooooohhhhhh’ that you might expect but the overall feeliong was, ‘here’s a guy tossing his 30 year old fling in the face of his wife, who is dating a model 20 years younger than her.’ You almost felt bad for him. Then he ended it with “Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll share.’ It wasn’t his finest moment.”
The Clintons haven’t responded to requests from anyone about anything because as they told fake news CNN:

“We’re just tired. The world is falling apart and we put a team of simpleton puppets in charge. We’re gonna slip off into the sunset with our private lives.”
The Clintons have said that Hillary’s relationship won’t interfere with the state of their marriage, which is two old friends who love each other very much and the hot younger model. At least until somebody finds enough evidence to convict them for their treasonous service to their country. Then maybe the hot younger model will keep living the life of a billionaire.